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Professional Photos

Professional Photography is essential for making a great first impression. Using high quality and creative images is what attracts buyers to your doorstep. Don't want to show your home to every tire kicker? That's okay! We have solutions for you that will reduce the number of physical showings and increase the number of 'serious' buyers that want a tour of your home. 


Staging goes hand in hand with professional photography. Robin Sets the Stage will do a one-on-one consultation with you to get your home ready for sale. It is important to de-clutter the entire home and de-personalize it. Home buyers want to picture their family in a new home so when getting your home ready for sale; remember LESS IS MORE!

Pre-Home Inspection

If you feel that your home is photo and showing ready then opt for the pre-listing inspection. Our home inspection partners will walk with you through your home and point out any potential repairs that will make the transfer to a new buyer much less stressful. You should catch and repair potential issues before your buyer does!

Steps of a Home Sale

These are the steps we recommend you take to have an easier home sale that will net you more: 

  1. Price your home like a pro (look at recent comparable sales in your neighborhood). Remember to consider updates or lack thereof when establishing a price. Click here for your home's value. 
  2. Clean and stage your property for photos and showings.
  3. Contact a title company to ready the legal transfer of the deed to a new buyer. Devon Title in Troy, MI is an attorney based title company that has exceptional customer services and they can answer all your title questions.
  4. Gather all of the required disclosures and forms, required by law, for the sale of your home. (We or your title company will send you all of these)
  5. Never show your home alone. Ask a friend or family member to be present when showing unrepresented buyers your home. 
  6. Offer a commission or a fee to a buyer's agent. Most buyer's are represented by a REALTOR and many of these buyers will not make it to your door if their agent isn't getting compensated for their time. This fee is always negotiable but it is best if they know what that fee will be, before they walk in your door. 
  7. Get it in writing! Handshakes and verbal agreements can move along a transaction but to protect everyone involved put all agreements and changes in writing and have everyone sign it! 
  8. Inspections and Appraisals are typical during a real estate transaction. Inspection time frames can and should be negotiated to the shortest possible term to keep a sale moving forward. 
  9. Communication is key! Communicating with buyers, their agents, title companies, appraisers, etc is important so that there is no delay in getting to a closing table. 
  10. Need help? Ask a professional! We are here to help, this is what we do every single day.

Share the big news

Your staging and photos are done, the disclosures and forms are filled out, now let us give you maximum buyer exposure by utilizing the same systems REALTORS use to market your home. You made it to starting line, we are happy to help you get to the finish line!